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About Us

About Us

Ivona Martinko and Sandra Dragaš are behind fashion brand I'M.

Ivona is in charge of creative, and Sandra of logistic course. Fashion lovers are already well known with Ivona's work, because she is an important part of Croatian's fashion scene from years. In this story, she is coming back with similar designs, but more advanced performance.
Her design will find place in wardrobe of women of all kinds, generations and social status, but now we are talking about sustainable fashion.

What does it mean? It means that all clothes are made from organic fabrics; cotton, silk or wool. We are talking about fabrics which production does not pollute environment or contains any allergens. Furthermore, it's colors are ecological as well as materials what makes garments extremely comfortable and easy to keep.
I`M Ivona Martinko is one of the first brands in Croatia and this part of Europe, that successfully combine sustainable fashion and modern design and offering clothes that provide cohabit with nature.

New fashion brand is a concept that require complete approach and don't have excuses for failures. To walk, breathe and wake up each morning in harmony with nature consider not just healthy diet, recycling and respect for nature, but also demand organic materials in our closets.
Mass production caused usage of bunch of cheap materials, as well as the cultivation of new varieties of genetically modified cotton treated with pesticides for faster and better growth. Such materials can affect our health and can cause various problems like allergies, respiratory and vascular diseases, and in the worst case even cancers.

That is the main reason why are we avoiding them. We are respecting our costumers and taking care of them. Our wish is your modern look, healthy way of living, and of course, our goal is make you feel comfortable and stay satisfied with our clothes.
Our clothing, that you can purchase on this web page, are long lasting because we want to be with you for ages and we want to create a connection with you, so our dresses would be your loyal companion in many different situations when you want to be different from the crowd.
'Our design is for everybody, but it's little bit edgy, because we want you to be unique. You will enjoy our clothes from morning 'till dawn and with inset like red lipstick or your favorite peace of jewelry, you will be ready for every occasion. Our creations will be your loyal companion through everyday life; it will put a smile on your face in hard times when you see yourself in the mirror in our little black dress... and in happy times, you are going to have five black dresses and your laugh will be contagious', Ivona Martinko said.